Energy-Efficient Bulbs: Which Ones Are Best?

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Which energy-efficient light bulb will shine a brighter light on your listings — compact flourescent lamps (CFLs) or light emitting diodes (LEDs)? 

According to Consumer Reports, LEDs offer better light quality and efficiency, have a longer lifespan of decades, and are omni-directional. Plus, LEDs don’t need time to warm up, unlike CFLs.

Yet, 75 percent of Americans who use energy-saving bulbs say they use CFLs, according to a study by Consumer Reports. Why? CFLs tend to be cheaper than LEDs, although LEDs have dropped in price by 20 percent in the past year. 

Consumer Reports tested 744 energy efficient 60-watt light bulbs in its research. Researchers found that $25 LED bulbs could potentially save home owners up to $130 in energy costs over a 23-year time span. The average 60-watt CFL bulb offered a $60 savings. 

Source: “Study: CFLs Outshine LEDs In Consumer Popularity,” Forbes (Aug. 30, 2012)